A Tale of Sewing a Maxi Skirt and a Trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm (1st of 2 Parts)

A few weeks ago I shared a little story how I got into sewing and the reasons for learning a new skill. After I finished my first handmade shift dress, I ventured out into a new project — a pleated maxi ball skirt and a cropped top. I found this tutorial for a skirt that doesn’t require a pattern and the instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. For the cropped top, I couldn’t find any tutorial and just decided to use the pattern I made with Tita Mely

I had fun making the skirt and it made me feel like I could easily create different skirts not just for myself but for others as well.

Sewing the top was a different story altogether. It was a little bit complicated to make, at least for the first time. The fitting wasn’t right when I tried it on and it took me 2-3 hours a day for about 5 days to finally get it right. The arm hole was the most challenging part to sew and I had to work on it at least five times to make it perfect, partly because it has a lining and I wanted a perfect fit. It was purely experimental — trial and error and yes, it was a huge success if I may say so myself. 🙂 Definitely learned a lot and will apply the little skills I learned the next time I sew a sleeveless blouse.

Top photos show some of the mistakes I made — invisible zipper sticking out, twisted fabrics, etc. It was a bit frustrating having to redo the arm hole a few times and I thought about getting Tita Mely to continue the work but decided not to. I started the project and was determined to finish it. And I am so glad I did because in the end, I am happy with the result. The skirt is made of cotton and the top is of poly cotton; both with a cotton lining so it is not see through.  Photos below show the evidence of my hard work. It’s a rather simple maxi skirt and top but putting them on made me feel like a million dollars haha!

MaxiSkirtCroppedTopbyElna1Unpretentiously, I was happy to model my own creation. 😉 This maxi skirt is my new favourite; it’s a classic, always in fashion skirt. It fits my size perfectly and the abundance of fabric makes a beautiful flow as I walk, or rather, frolic around the lavender field. 🙂

Love this pic that Jared took of myself. 🙂

The next post will be about the ‘maxi skirt project’ with our teenage girls at church and our trip to the lavender field.


Here’s the link to the 2nd Part.



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