Summer in London: All About Roses

Summer is my favourite season of the year. I am a tropical girl after all. 😉 Regrettably, London has a very short summer and there is no distinct four seasons here. It’s a rather odd and unpredictable weather with a cold, wet and long winter months but very brief hot summer days. When it’s not raining I like to go out and take a long walk in the park. And we are blessed to live in a neighbourhood that’s only a few minutes walk to some of the most beautiful parks in the city — Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Holland Park. There are other parks in London that I love to visit whenever I get the chance. One of them is Regent’s Park — a massive area and home of London Zoo, Royal Botanic Society, etc. And my favourite part of the park is the rose gardens which is absolutely stunning when all the flowers are in full bloom.

QMLondon_RoseGarden28The rose garden is part of Queen Mary’s Gardens created in the 1930s, and has the largest collection of roses in London. There are over 12,000 roses and 85 variety beds aside from many other flowers like begonias, tulips, etc. It is indeed a floral paradise.

QMLondon_RoseGarden22The garden was named after Queen Mary, the wife of King George V.

QMLondon_RoseGarden14In 1932 when the garden opened to the general public, the first superintendent planted a rose garden which was completed in 1934.

QMLondon_RoseGarden16Almost all rose varieties, from the classics to the most modern English roses, are present at Regent Parks’ rose garden.

There are shrubberies around that add a sense of fascination to the gardens.

QMLondon_RoseGarden13The wonderful sights and scents of the gorgeous roses, the superb shrubberies and many other plants and flowers all play a significant part in the experience of visiting the park.

Visitors can sit on the grass, have picnic, and enjoy the garden.

QMLondon_RoseGarden21All the rose varieties have name plaques such as Keep Smiling, Pride of London, Deep Secret, Lovely Lady, and many other captivating names.

QMLondon_RoseGarden24I can’t get enough of these roses.

QMLondon_RoseGarden20The garden smells absolutely divine.

QMLondon_RoseGarden17I’d probably come here every single day in the summer if we live closer to this park.

QMLondon_RoseGarden15We hardly ever come here but about a month ago Jared and I managed to do it; we walked around Regent’s Park for about 3 hours from Primrose Hill all the way down to Avenue Gardens and Queen Mary’s Gardens.

QMLondon_RoseGarden9Jared and I took loads of photographs and this last one is my favourite (I am not the subject but a rather shadowy figure in the background). 🙂 If you love roses and happen to be in London in the summer months you should visit Regent’s Park, and you’ll enjoy seeing the sea of roses.

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